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Jackson, OH 45640



Hope Haven School

Hope Haven School is a special educational service provider for the three local school districts in Jackson County. Children residing within Jackson County’s school districts with identified developmental disabilities can be referred to this program.

Preschool age programming is tailored to meet the needs of students age 3-5 to foster pre-academics, art, music and group activities. In addition to serving children with developmental disabilities in the preschool program, typically developing peers are also enrolled.

School age programming at Hope Haven School is tailored to meet the needs of students age 6-21.  The focus is on building skills needed in the present and future in the areas of functional academics, pre-vocational, socialization, daily living skills, adaptive physical education, fine/gross motor, and recreation/leisure.

We offer students the opportunity to participate in Special Olympic Activities such as Golf, Volleyball, Bowling, Basketball, and Track and Field. We also provide specialized in-house services to meet each child’s need such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, as well as Physical Therapy.

We take extreme pride in our school, as well as each one of our students.

Service and Support Administration

A Service and Support Administrator (SSA) is the primary point of coordination in the state of Ohio for Individuals who have a developmental disability and meet eligibility requirements for county board services. An SSA ensures that the individual’s voice, wants and needs are met by working closely with individuals, providers, parents and guardians. Please call us at 740-384-7938 if you have any questions or to make a referral.


In order to qualify for services from the Jackson County Board of DD, you must be a resident of Jackson County, have documentation of a qualifying diagnosis that occurred before age 22, and participate in the completion of the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument. Once you are determined eligible, and SSA will meet with you to discuss available services, including Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers and placement on the HCBS waiver waiting lists. Please contact an SSA at 740-384-7938 to make a referral.

Family Resources Funding

Anyone who has been determined eligible for county board services can apply for this funding. It is designed for those in need of medical equipment, ramps, adaptive equipment, and other services not covered by HCBS waiver funding or for those who are currently on the HCBS waiver waiting lists.