In 1972, the Jackson County Board of Developmental Disabilities, under the direction of Mrs. Marjorie Sellers, Superintendent, created J-VAC Industries, Inc. under a not-for-profit board. J-VAC was designed to provide sheltered workshop employment for special needs adults. This facility is located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Wellston. A second facility, on Second Street in Wellston, now houses the Day Habilitation portion of the Adult Service Center.

J-VAC Industries, Inc. is a place and a program for people with disabilities to grow, learn, enjoy and develop their potentail in the least restrictive environment. Opportunities for growth, learning and adventure are based upon what is best for the individual. A variety of well-equipped facilities, programs, activities and employment opportunities result in an improved quality of life.

J-VAC Industries, Inc. operates a habilitation program to provide personnel services and facilities for evaluation, training, and employment of developmentally disabled adults to enable them to perform useful remunerative work.


advantages for your company

By using J-VAC Industries, you can avoid a temporary increase in plant workforce due to seasonal overloads. There is no training cost for your company and your factory space is freed for your regular work schedule.


services we provide

  • Packaging – small fittings, fixtures, gaskets, fasteners, bolts, screws, washers and metal, plastic and wood products
  • Labeling and Pasting – magazine inserts, pamphlets, bags, cartons, bottles and miscellaneous finished products
  • Sorting – small parts, fixtures, fasteners and fittings
  • Assembly – small parts, fittings, valves, toys and plastic, metal and wood products
  • Collating – booklets, manuals, pamphlets and promotional materials
  • Bag Stuffing – envelopes, sales promotional specialities, sample products for mailing
  • Light Manufacturing – wholesale/retail, industrial or household items, crafts
  • Janitorial – general cleaning, lawn mowing, floor stripping, waxing and maintenance
  • Shredding/Document Destruction – mobile or off-site, one-time or regularly scheduled

J-VAC Industries is located at 202 S. Pennsylvania Avenue in Wellston, Ohio.

Contact us at (740) 384-2155

art in the heart




J-VAC Industries operates the ART in the heART gift shop with a number of creative and handmade items. Along with the current stock of items, J-VAC/ART in the heART takes special orders for craft items. If you happen to find yourself in the Jackson area, take a few minutes to stop by and visit the ART in the heART craft store, located on the corner of Pearl and Broadway Streets in downtown Jackson. For information call 740-286-3343

ART in the HeART
200 Broadway Street
Jackson, Ohio 45640

JCBDD does not discriminate in Provision of Services or Employment because of Handicap, Race, Color, Creed, National Origin, Sex or Age. "An equal opportunity employer and service provider."

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