Day Habilitation

In addition to the vocational opportunities offered, J-VAC Industries provides a well-rounded approach to daily living skills through our Day Habilitation Program. Our Day Programming is tailored to the individual and strives to reach several different aspects of daily life skills.

Arts & Crafts

Each individual is offered a chance to take part in the Arts & Crafts area using their tactile skills by creating a craft, painting, cutting out patterns, or gluing and fabricating various arts and crafts by both following the ideas presented by staff or using their own imagination.

daily living Skills

Acquiring life skills is a vital part of our programming here at J-VAC. We spend time with each individual, communicating and learning from them about the everyday skills that they want to utilize on their own personal time either while at home or in the community. Various life skills can involve anything from learning to wash a load of laundry, setting a dining room table with the correct utensils, shopping at a grocery store or even learning the art of tying one’s shoes. Each skill or goal is developed on an individual basis.


In this day and age, it is almost impossible to get through the day without encountering some form of technology. This is just as true for our clientele as it is for ourselves. J-VAC has devoted a section of day programming to focus on technology and learning the basics of how to navigate on a basic computer. We also like to implement things such as the Nintendo Wii system, television programs, and various other forms of basic technology to our individuals.

J-VAC Industries provides a well-rounded approach to daily living skills through our Day Habilitation Program.

adult basic learning education

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to enhance their learning skills, no matter what level they may be on. The Adult Basic Learning Education (ABLE) area is geared to teach our clientele anything from abc’s to 1,2,3’s. We do this by creating a classroom feel to the ABLE section and also by using curriculum and basic math and reading worksheets.

outings & activities

This area is devoted to helping our clientele get out in the community, either on a special trip to the local convenient store or a trip to the park for a picnic. In addition to outings, we offer activities to keep things interesting. Our activities can range anywhere from playing a game of basketball to taking group walks around town, to exercise videos on our large screen television.