The SOAR Program (Seeking Opportunities for Advanced Responsibilities) provides students with the opportunity to participate in an experience-filled transition from school into the work place. Students enrolled in SOAR are placed in an internship position with a local business where they are able to gain invaluable, real life work experience. In many cases, these internships develop into careers for those involved. Students ages 16-21 who are enrolled attend classes two days a week where both academic subjects and Life Skills are covered. The remaining three days they participate in their internship. Each week students also go on group outings where they practice going to the grocery, the bank, the doctor, and much more. Each month students explore various menus and practice their cooking skills on Fridays. Currently, SOAR has students working at the following businesses:

  • AT&T
  • Elizabeth's Flower Shop
  • Four Winds Nursing Facility
  • Jackson City Library
  • Jackson County Courthouse
  • McDonald's
  • Whit's Frozen Custard
  • YMCA

  • If you are interested in your student being involved in this exciting program, please contact Hope Haven School.

    Marty Jacobs
    Employment Navigator
    Office 1: 740-384-7938
    Office 2: 740-286-6491